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Welcome to Hexyoo Scientific

We care about a person’s wellness and safety. With this in mind, we are innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs who develop ‘solutions’ that are unique.

Our expertise is with viscoelastic polymers...usually referred to as a gel.

Our research and testing

Gel component production begins with a recipe or formulation for the gel slurry that matches desired outcomes; the product's features.

Hexyoo is only satisfied once testing has verified the product’s desired performance and we will share our testing procedures with our clients so there can be no doubt regarding our gel’s effectiveness.

Our gel

Our first gel components were researched and developed for truck drivers and their concern for fatigue, along with its’ effect on their safety and performance.

For this purpose, there is no better product.

It’s different and here’s why....
Our gel dissipates pressure, for comfort and support, and also attenuates vibration...key features that make it an antidote for reducing fatigue.

But our gel will also regulate temperature, accommodate body friction and shear between the person and the interface, withstand repeated use and is easily cleanable…to highlight but a few of its many features.

Features and Benefits

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